Lamborghini, Ferrari, Fiat Group, VAG, Brembo And data from other automobile concerns

Company data for sale.
World famous company from Italy. Engaged in the production of machine tools and the development of software for them. Included in the top 4 such companies around the world. Collaborates with brands and concerns such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Fiat Group, VAG Group , Brembo,etc. Their Internal files, messages with attachments included.
890 GB of various AutoCAD drawings, 250+ GB of PST files, client files and invoices, lists of serviced companies.Some data mixed in folders and need to be sorted.
So right now there’s a great opportunity for those who might be interested to get years of technical and software development for ridiculous amount.
All info sell as is and as one package !

Address:Via Po, 2 – Frazione Sostegno – 27010 Spessa (PV) – Italy
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